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Construction and design.

Variety in every width.

Productivity when you need it.

The new NEXOS series features 14 models in total, with versions from 75 to 112 hp. You can therefore configure your NEXOS according to your needs:

  • Basic version with fully mechanical transmission and mechanical rear linkage control system
  • Electronic REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser
  • TWINSHIFT powershift unit
  • Mechanical or electronic rear linkage operation
  • Hydraulic output of up to 87 l/min
  • Up to four electronic spool valves
  • Cab with air conditioning and new active carbon filter
  • Front linkage and front PTO

Pull more.Tighter turns.

CLAAS tractor concept.

The NEXOS with its typical CLAAS design is impressively agile. By combining a long wheelbase with optimum weight distribution (50% front, 50% rear) and a compact overall length, the NEXOS can lift and pull heavy weights – and performs brilliantly in every situation. Greatness comes in many guises.

Compact design.

Thanks to the distinctive new bonnet, visibility in the NEXOS has never been better. At the same time there is plenty of space for all the exhaust aftertreatment components and the cooling system, which is specially designed to give higher performance. Your NEXOS can be equipped with up to four mechanical spool valves, including one with flow control. Four electronic spool valves are available for maximum convenience.

  • Long wheelbase and excellent weight distribution
    • High driving comfort
    • Good and safe road handling
    • More pulling power and performance as less ballast is required
    • Greater stability for a higher lifting capacity
    • Optimised fuel consumption
    • Lower ballast requirement protects the soil and guarantees dynamic road transport
  • Short overall length
    • Highly manoeuvrable
    • Short trailer combination on the road
    • Good visibility
    • Good guidance of front-mounted implements

Automatic 4-wheel drive.

Four-wheel drive is activated by pressing a button. To eliminate unnecessary tyre wear, the automatic four-wheel drive system automatically switches it on or off at 14 km/h. It is also automatically engaged when braking to ensure a higher standard of safety on the road. This means that your NEXOS can be safely brought to a standstill at any time.

Designed for tight spaces.

The specially shaped front chassis provides plenty of space for the radiators immediately above the front axle, but in front and behind it is designed to be very narrow – like a wasp waist. The steering angle-dependent automatic four-wheel drive system also disengages four-wheel drive on reaching a steering angle of 14°. Together with the compact design, this promises an excellent steering lock angle and very tight turning circles.