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Cab and comfort

Compact on the outside.Comfortable inside.

Room for more comfort:

  • Optimum all-round view thanks to 6-pillar cab with very slim pillars
  • Excellent access to the cab via the steps
  • A quiet, comfortable workplace
  • Electronic comfort features available
  • Platform version available for NEXOS F models

The mark of true greatness.

Room for more comfort.

In developing the NEXOS, CLAAS engineers placed huge emphasis on creating a spacious environment for the driver. The cab is very spacious for a tractor of this size and offers generous leg room and a comfortable working environment, even for tall drivers.

The NEXOS boasts an outstanding all-round view, thanks to large glass windows. The large glazed area at the rear of the cab in particular offers an unrestricted view of the attachment and working area.

The ergonomic arrangement of the controls and the clear logic of their allocated functions enables the NEXOS to be operated comfortably and effortlessly throughout long working days. The instrument panel provides clear and concise information about the operating status of the NEXOS, including vehicle speed, engine speed and rear PTO speed, so you know what's happening all the time.

Big on detail.

Quality and versatility are present in every detail. Large, wide-opening doors and a non-slip step make access to the vehicle safe and convenient. The front and rear windows can be opened for natural ventilation, and the powerful air-conditioning unit creates a cool working environment in hot and dusty conditions.

NEXOS F with platform.

The NEXOS F – the platform version with a folding roll bar –  is the ideal partner in orchards, plantations and greenhouses with low head height. Thanks to gas-filled struts and a pin locking system, the roll bar can be folded down effortlessly. Like all models, the platform version of the NEXOS F can be fitted with different transmission options, mechanical operation or sophisticated electronics to suit your needs.

An air-sprung driver's seat is optionally available for both cab and platform versions. The steering column can also be adjusted to allow the driver to sit comfortably.

Comfortable drive and clean air.

PROACTIV front axle suspension.

The CLAAS suspension kinematics in NEXOS F, VL and VE tractors produce outstanding drive characteristics. Widely spaced suspension rams guarantee vehicle stability and safety on bends, while the double-acting suspension with load change compensation and 80 mm suspension travel delivers outstanding ride comfort.

Automatic, manual or deactivated front axle suspension.

Simply toggle between the three modes on the B-pillar for flexible use of the suspension:

Automatic mode:

No matter how much load is on the front axle, the suspension rams remain in the central position to ensure optimum suspension travel. Automatic mode is  automatically activated at over 25 km/h for added safety.

Manual mode:

By turning a potentiometer the driver can adjust the suspension height when the machine is stationary to make it easier to attach an implement to the front mounting plate, for example.

Deactivated mode:

At the press of a button the suspension can be deactivated for special tasks, e.g. with very frequent load changes.

Cab with Category 3 filter system

An active carbon filter can be fitted at the factory in place of a standard filter to protect the operator during crop spraying operations. Together with a well-sealed cab and powerful ventilation system, the filter ensures that the driver is well protected even during intensive crop spraying work.

3-filter system:

  • Dust filter supplies dedusted air to the other filters
  • Aerosol filter protects against solid and liquid suspended particles
  • Active carbon filter protects against gaseous fumes
  • A positive pressure gauge with status display in the cab guarantees clean air
  • Easy to use and quick to refit in other machines
  • Maximum cab protection class in compliance with EN 15695

Category 4 cab filter system.

The Category 4 filter system integrated into the cab roof ensures maximum driver safety during crop spraying. The elevated position of the air intake system ensures that the supply air is as clean as possible. Three large filters extend the maintenance interval and supply clean air to the cab. A slight positive pressure in the ventilation fan prevents chemicals from entering the cab.

Sophisticated electronics.

A place for everything.

The NEXOS control concept is designed so that any driver can operate the tractor efficiently and completely intuitively. The arrangement of the controls and the symbols on them are integral to this – whether you choose a mechanical or an electronic control system. Electronic control systems are available for both cab and platform versions of the NEXOS and can be selected independently. As a result, the tractor adapts to your needs – not the other way round.

Ergonomic side console.

The key to relaxed and effective working. The side console is the result of extensive analyses of the operating processes in the cab. Frequently used functions are located at the front of the right-hand side console, while those that are used less frequently are positioned towards the back.

Clear, logical layout.

The control panel for the electronic linkage control system is handily positioned to the driver's right. The settings can be adjusted on the right-hand B-pillar. This guarantees direct access while work is in progress, and allows the driver to optimise the electronic linkage control setting when looking backwards.

Mechanical control system.

All-round simplicity.

If you don't need a top-end model, the NEXOS with a mechanical control system is a sound alternative. The individual controls are ergonomically arranged and completely self-explanatory. Even in this version, the standard equipment includes electronic engine speed regulation with engine speed memory as well as four-wheel drive and differential lock engagement. The rear PTO is engaged with hydraulic support without excessive use of power.

Ergonomic side console.

The arrangement of the controls is similar in both the electronic and the mechanical versions. Frequently used functions are located at the front of the right-hand side console, while those that are used less frequently are positioned towards the back.